Published On: Fri, Nov 9th, 2018

Black Ops 4 PC sales have tripled those of the previous game

November 8. 2018 Black Ops 4 PC sales are doing great, even without Steam.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the first game in the series to launch exclusively on Blizzard’s service for PC players. If you wondered whether the lack of sales on Valve’s prolific storefront would affect the bottom line, wonder no more. Without Steam, Black Ops 4 still managed to sell triple the number of units on PC in the first three weeks compared with its Steam-exclusive predecessor.

Across all platforms, the first three weeks of Black Ops 4 saw it sell-through more units than Black Ops III in the same time frame. That number is, again, tripled on PC. People are sticking with the game more regularly, too – total active users are up 16% and hours played are up 20% across platforms.

We also know from earlier reports that Black Ops 4 player count is more than double that of WWII. Activision’s latest financial report wasn’t great for the company – disappointing Destiny 2: Forsaken sales are a particular culprit – but the company certainly isn’t regretting the decision to focus on PC for the latest COD.


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Black Ops 4 PC sales have tripled those of the previous game