Published On: Thu, Dec 6th, 2018

Ark’s meshing bugs are ruining its meta – so why are they still happening?

The lush, dramatic landmasses of Ark: Survival Evolved have increasingly become home to large-scale conflicts and cross-server invasions. Yet some of the most contentious battles are actually happening beneath the surface of the map, an unfortunate consequence of in-game meshing.

For the unfamiliar: meshing is a practice whereby players use exploits to get inside the map, usually to destroy enemy bases. Though it would be dishonest to suggest this is a problem exclusive to Ark, it’s become particularly egregious in Studio Wildcard’s survival game, mostly due to its competitive focus and the number of exploits that are readily available to players. Offenders use the climbing picks from the Aberration expansion to glitch through boulders, exit chairs or sleeping bags to phase through cave walls, and abuse the Forest Titan to hit objects through defences.

While the practice is technically against the game’s code of conduct and discouraged by Wildcard, disapproval alone has done little to dissuade players from exploiting these methods for their own personal gain. It’s become such a problem that several Ark YouTubers have started making videos cataloguing these exploits, in the hopes that it might catch the attention of the developer and force the studio into action.

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Ark’s meshing bugs are ruining its meta – so why are they still happening?