Published On: Wed, Jan 9th, 2019

Metro Exodus News Week

Publisher Deep Silver and developer 4A Games have decided that this week will see numerous new announcements, all about first-person, exploration and survival game Metro Exodus.

The first announcement this week told us that Metro Exodus will include a photo mode from day one.

The Deep Silver Press Release reads:

“Photo Mode has been one of the most requested features from the Metro community,” said Jon Bloch, executive producer at 4A Games. “They’re relatively rare in first person shooters, but the team have been determined to make it work and give Metro fans the opportunity to capture their own stories from the Russian wastelands.”

Today, Deep Silver and 4A Games have released a new story trailer. This latest trailer gives a closer look into what kind of story Metro Exodus will tell, a new look at some of the supporting characters surrounding protagonist Artyom, and the different environments Artyom and the Spartan Order, aboard their mobile base, The Aurora, will have to face.

Narrated from the perspective of Anna, Artyom’s wife and the Spartan Order’s top sniper, the Metro Exodus Story Trailer explores the hostile world which awaits the crew of the Aurora as they flee the ruins of Moscow and embark on an expansive year-long journey into the unknown. Artyom always believed that there was life beyond the Metro stations of Moscow – Metro Exodus sees these hopes and dreams put to the ultimate test in the crucible of the Russian wastelands.

Be ready to step onto The Aurora and escape the Metro this February 15. If you had your calendars marked, you may want to double check them as Deep Silver announced not long ago that Metro Exodus will be releasing one week earlier than initially expected, from Feb. 22 to Feb. 15. Keep checking back through the week as this article is updated every day with whatever new information Deep Silver and 4A Games release upon us.

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Metro Exodus News Week