Published On: Mon, Feb 11th, 2019

Apex Legends weapons: the best guns for taking down the competition

Looking to kit yourself out with the best Apex Legends weapons? Then our handy weapons guide for Respawn’s battle royale will serve you well. Apex Legends may host a smaller pool of players to the usual battle royale, with 60 players instead of 100, but you’ll still need a fine selection of modded guns to ensure that “you are the champion” screen rolls.

As is usually the case with futuristic shooters, weapons are only vaguely recognisable. Sure, basic archetypes remain intact such as shotguns, snipers, and auto-rifles, but they come with unique quirks. For example, the Mozambique is a pistol that operates as a shotgun by firing a spread of shells. A mod can also transform the performance of a gun entirely. For example, SMG’s tend to have a smaller magazine size so an extended mag mod to boost that goes a long way in making this class of guns more viable. On top of that, there are more specific mods for key weapons, like the “Precision Choke” mod for the Peacekeeper shotgun that tightens the spread of your shot. To borrow some online lingo, you’ll “map” people.

Guns also behave differently in Apex Legends to other battle royales. None of the Apex Legends weapons are hitscan, so you’ll need to factor in bullet-drop into your aiming when judging the distance between you and an enemy. Also, there’s no damage falloff across the board so you won’t need to worry about losing damage in rangier fights.

Oh, and there are also six different archetypes with 19 Apex Legends guns in total. But fear not as that’s where we come in. We’ve laid waste to many training dummies to bring you an Apex Legends weapons guide that dives into what makes every gun tick, what ammo you need, and what mods will best optimise their performance to ensure that you too can become a legend.

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Apex Legends weapons: the best guns for taking down the competition