Published On: Tue, Feb 12th, 2019

Review: OlliOlli: Switch Stance – A Grind In The Best Possible Sense

Fail faster.

Remember OlliOlli? Its addictive 2D take on the trick-combo formula that fuelled the Tony Hawk franchise for a good fifteen years launched on PS Vita back in 2014 and then got ported to pretty much everything else, including Wii U and 3DS. For a game so suited to portable play sessions, it’s taken a remarkably long time to come to your favourite ‘homeheld’ console, but here it is, and the belated arrival feels like a handheld homecoming. Fortunately, the wait has been worth it; OlliOlli is just as satisfying – and infuriating – now as it was five years ago.

If this is your first encounter with Roll7’s indie title, OlliOlli: Switch Stance combines both the original game and its 2015 sequel, OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood, in one gnarly package. For the uninitiated, it’s a side-on, auto-scrolling skater that relies on twitch movements to negotiate short but tricky courses filled with grind rails and obstacles. Every time you come a cropper you restart the course, although hitting ‘X’ restarts immediately if you’re not satisfied with your performance.

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Review: OlliOlli: Switch Stance – A Grind In The Best Possible Sense