Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2019

Review: Akane – Stylish Sci-Fi Swordplay On Your Switch

Big trouble in Mega Tokyo.

While it’s impossible to look at Akane and not see the influences of some more obvious cultural touchstones – the body-augmentation of Ghost in the Shell; the motorbike-riding rebellion of Akira; the run-down futures of Blade Runner and 2000AD – when you start slashing your katana and unloading bullet death from your pistol, you soon realise this pixel art indie is more Kill Bill than anything else.

That’s because Akane is not some sprawling RPG or open-ended Metroidvania adventure; it’s a Tarantino-esque tale of survival, with a heroine who seems to be drawing her wardrobe between Major, the Bride and Leeloo from The Fifth Element. A seemingly endless war fought within the confines of a single, neon-drenched arena. Every swing of your blade and every bullet from your gun is a one-hit kill, but that also means it only takes one hit to take you down as well. Death is only ever a heartbeat away – for you and your foes.

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Review: Akane – Stylish Sci-Fi Swordplay On Your Switch